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Cosmetic Tubes On Demand!

For all your IN-STOCK or CUSTOM tube needs.

East Hill Industries offers a variety of tubes used for packaging cosmetics and other products.  By keeping a large inventory of tubes, and offering both silk screening and tube labeling options, East Hill can deliver a custom cosmetic tube much faster than the competition. 

Quality Tubes
5 layer Co-Ex with Foil Seals

Choice of Size
Capacity ranges from .25 oz to 8 oz

Delivered Fast
Ships in 48 hours.

DECO On Demand

Silk screen and custom labeling

For a complete turnkey solution, East Hill can apply Custom Labels or Silk Screen your tubes (up to 5 colors).

About Us

East Hill Industries also offers a wide variety of other cosmetic packaging including bottles, jars, caps, pumps, and more.


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New Airless Tubes


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Part NumberCapacitySizeMaterialColorCoatingOrificeTop SealCapCap ColorUnits/Carton
EHST015WA.5oz25mm x 65mm5 LayerwhitevarnishNANAscrew onwhite798
EHST030WA1oz25mm x 93mm5 LayerwhitevarnishNANAscrew onwhite798

Cosmetic Tube Sizes

Part NumberCapacitySizeMaterialColorCoatingOrificeTop SealCapCap ColorUnits/Carton
EHST007W.25oz16mm x 66mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish3mmno foilscrew onwhite2684
EHST015W.5oz25mm x 70mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish3mmfoil sealflip topwhite798
EHST015N.5oz25mm x 70mm5 Layers CO-EXnaturalvarnish3mmfoil sealflip topnatural798
EHST030W1oz25mm x 93mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish3mmfoil sealflip topwhite798
EHST030N1oz25mm x 93mm5 Layers CO-EXnaturalvarnish3mmfoil sealflip topnatural798
EHST060W2oz35mm x 107mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish3mmfoil sealflip topwhite270
EHST060N2oz35mm x 107mm5 Layers CO-EXnaturalvarnish3mmfoil sealflip topnatural270
EHST090W3oz35mm x 138mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish3mmfoil sealflip topwhite270
EHST090N3oz35mm x 138mm5 Layers CO-EXnaturalvarnish3mmfoil sealflip topnatural270
EHST120W4oz40mm x 140mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish3mmfoil sealflip topwhite216
EHST120N4oz40mm x 140mm5 Layers CO-EXnaturalvarnish3mmfoil sealflip topnatural216
EHST180W6oz50mm x 149mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish5mmfoil sealflip topwhite134
EHST180N6oz50mm x 149mm5 Layers CO-EXnaturalvarnish5mmfoil sealflip topnatural134
EHST240W8oz50mm x 179mm5 Layers CO-EXwhitevarnish6.45mmfoil sealflip topwhite91
EHST240N8oz50mm x 179mm5 Layers CO-EXnaturalvarnish6.45mmfoil sealflip topnatural91
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